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About Us


Crafting prints for your business

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About us

We Take Customer's Satisfaction Personally To Make Things Happen

Founded in 2015, we have an ever-growing customer base ALL OVER Canada and USA. We are a company supporting SIGN SHOPS with the Sign Shop Supplies in the sign industry.
Our products are either, tested name-brand products from HP USA, or MARABU Germany, or else we travel to places on earth to find the right products for the North American markets. We test all products in the field before we put it up on
the shelves to sell.
We stand behind our products. We are a customer service-oriented group of people.
We do carry all kinds of hardware, print media, vinyl, and banner materials, anti-curl retractable banner pet film, and much more.
Please call us with your requirements and for detailed info on the products that we carry. If required, we will provide the spec sheets for our products as well. Mostly our print media has a shelf life of five years or more.

What our clients say about us

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